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Deira – Dubai 

Deira is the area of Dubai north of Dubai Creek and south of the Sharjah border. It is the traditional commercial center of Dubai and the Creek and its dhows were the historic mode of transport. Today Deira is split in two parts. There are the old souks (Gold and Spices) near the waterfront, and Dubai International Airport covers a major part of the area into the creek inland. In hidden backstreets the traditional life still takes place but it is not obvious to the tourist.

Historically, Deira has been the commercial center of Dubai. Port Saeed is a small port along Deira’s shore of Dubai Creek. Port Saeed holds some of the dhow cruises and small shipping boats in Dubai.

Deira has developed much since its early days with the development of both overhead and underground metro tracks, a number of shopping malls springing up (e.g., the City Center Deira Shopping Mall), and modern buildings and towers currently  under construction within the area. Dubai’s airport is also located here.

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